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Stereostickman ufo 2021


Mar 30, 2021 - Rebecca Cullen

Jonny Cool takes creativity to unexpected new realms with this organic soul-pop and hip hop fusing track of unparalleled optimism.

Leading with a series of retro synths, keys, and a choir of backing vocals to support the quickly addictive hook melody, UFO starts up as one thing and soon evolves into something else entirely.

Featuring a surprisingly extended introduction, free from the beat and focused purely on the brightness and home-made yet full soundscape feel of the hook, UFO goes on to drop in the rhythm and follow Jonny Cool’s clean-cut, scene-setting raps – for an increasingly good-vibes kind of track.

All of this is just the musicality, too – the concept is intriguing, a new way of looking at things, poetic and personal all at once. A whole lot of boxes ticked.

As an introduction to the artist, this single speaks volumes – unique and interesting, familiar yet fresh in its approach. As a quirky and catchy single for the summertime – UFO more than meets the mark. A lovable alternative to much of the current mainstream and pop worlds.

Check out Jonny Cool on Twitter, YouTube & Instagram.

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