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The beauty of bringing people together is a powerful manifestation of creativity & communication; it sparks transformative thoughts.  Art is a universal language that transcends the boundaries of human limitations. Now that you've become a member of Galactic Starr, you've joined a cosmic community working towards building global unity and universal harmony. Use the recourses below to apply artistic innovation to your daily experience as you work  to grow from a seed to a starr. 

Klyph notes with jonny cool

Jonny Cool stopped by the XRay Fm studio while in Portland last week to kick it with DJ Klyph on his Klyph Notes podcast. Always have a great time in the studio, this time Jonny discusses what its like to be working out in New York, the different production assignments he's working on with other artists, and the release of his new 4 part instrumental series 'Fall into Winter, Spring into Summer' the final beat tape 'Fall' releasing late September. Tune into the podcast below, and don't forget to subscribe to Klyph Notes on your favorite podcast platform!

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