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The beauty of bringing people together is a powerful manifestation of creativity & communication; it sparks transformative thoughts.  Art is a universal language that transcends the boundaries of human limitations. Now that you've become a member of Galactic Starr, you've joined a cosmic community working towards building global unity and universal harmony. Use the recourses below to apply artistic innovation to your daily experience as you work  to grow from a seed to a starr. 

  • Jonny Cool

Cast Kingz Sit Down With Jonny Cool

Howard Jenkings & Chris Scott from Cast Kingz sit down with producer/rapper/singer-songwriter Jonny Cool. He talks about how he began his career and his journey in the music business. He tells the story of his journey to New York where he currently resides, playing beats for Kanye and the Good Music squad, getting flown out by John Legend and the advice he was given, working as in house producer for Warner Bro's artist TYuS, and eventually opening for & working with the god emcee Rakim. Jonny also touches on his humble beginnings growing up in Portland and shares some insight on how it was growing up in such a musical household. Jonny goes on to share some more industry stories and gets deep with the Castkingz talking about everything from aliens, seeing sounds, religon, the universe, and how he stays motivated to keep moving in the music game. Peep this episode because Jonny was dropping gems all around the stu!

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